BowlOnSundayS is the oldest GLBTQ bowling league in Cincinnati.  The league began in 1982 as the Sunday Bowling League.  In the 1990’s the league name was officially changed to Champagne Memorial League as a salute to Billie, our long time supporter and bowling house owner who always had a glass of champagne in her hand.  Although the league name has not changed, today the league is known as Bowl On SundayS.

We are a social league with a little competition thrown in for fun.

As a “handicap” league, and member of IGBO (International Gay Bowling Association) with 2 person teams, everyone in the league has a chance of winning!  From the beginner to the experienced bowler – our handicap system puts everyone on a level playing field.  At the end of the season every bowler receives a cash award at the banquet.  First and Second place teams receive trophies in addition to the cash.

If you have ever considered joining a league, now is the time to do so. BowlOnSundayS welcomes all people regardless of gender or sexuality.